At nearly 70 minutes in length, 'Skyward' draws upon such influences as Genesis, Rush, Beatles, Return to Forever, ELP, Coroner, Led Zeppelin and Van der Graaf Generator.

With this album, Acuity presents both retrospective and forward-looking interpretations of progressive rock, with a complexity certain to please most fans of the genre.

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ACUITY at NEARFest 2005

No, Acuity was not among the many outstanding bands that performed at this year's festival , but was represented by myself at Matthew Parmenter's table. Hats off to the NEARfest staff who put on a very organized, professional and enjoyable show! From a spectator's point of view it seemed to be conducted flawlessly. What a great venue the Zoellner Arts Center is! The sound & lighting in the theater were excellent.

This congregation of so many incredible musicians left me quite humbled and their performances amazed. Particularly astounding was Dave Kerman and Present. Matthew (with whom I've had the privilege of working) brought the house down with "Some Fear Growing Old" from his most recent release and excerpts from "Crutches" and "Rogue" - an unreleased Discipline tune of which I may have been exclusively privvy - among others. So many pined for a Discipline reunion afterward.

Many thanks to all who inquired and especially those who took a chance on "Skyward". Thanks also to Mr. Parmenter for the opportunity to share it with the NEARfest gathering and for his generous praise of this CD to his visitors.


- Brad S.

Artwork by Chuck Mitchell